Trace your Family Tree in Scotland


If you are a Scot in America, sildenafil Scot in Australia, Scot in Canada or indeed any other part of the world and are interested in your heritage, genealogy and family tree there are a huge number of terrific sources and people to help with your quest to search your family history in Scotland.

You can of course do much of the free family tree research for yourself with the help of the internet, but to fully appreciate, experience, savour and feel the emotion of the origins of your family roots and Scottish Clan name why not consider a vacation or holiday in Scotland and discover for yourself the tenement where your Great Grandmother was born, the croft where your Grandfather was raised or even the island which your mother or father left to begin a new life many miles away in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or further.

During your vacation searching and discovering facts and clues of your family tree imagine being able to have the chance to meet that long lost cousin, aunt or uncle. What a fabulous opportunity to meet up, swap photographs and memories, share a wee dram of Scotch whisky, laugh together and maybe even shed a tear!

To make your vacation even more memorable just think of all the beautiful sights, towns, cities and attractions you will get to see on your journey discovering your family history. Perhaps your journey will take you to Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dumfries, Aberdeen or the Western Isles. No matter where you tour in Scotland you are never far away from historical and grand Castles – think of Edinburgh or Culzean Castle, breathtaking scenic Lochs and Glens, Whisky (Whiskey) Distilleries where you can get a true taste of our national drink, book a round of golf in Scotland on one our famous golf courses such as Gleneagles or St Andrews and still on the sporting theme you can take in a game of football (Soccer) and cheer on a favourite team perhaps once supported by your grandfather!

Perhaps you will be planning your visit to Scotland during the Visit Scotland year of Homecoming Scotland 2014 where there will be some fantastic events spotlighting some of Scotland’s greatest assets; food and drink, our reputation as an active destination, a place of culture and creativity, and a place of natural beauty.

There are a huge number of local and national resources of genealogists and ancestry websites available to help trace your family tree in Scotland. Listed below are just a few to assist in your genealogy search :-

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